The most popular form of female clothing in Pakistani Dresses is undoubtedly the Shalwar Kameez. The dress styles change every year, and it evolves with the ongoing overall fashion trend. It is not easy to get a perfect look and fitting in a Shalwar kameez suit.

There are many aspects that every lady should keep in mind while buying the dress locally or buying Pakistani dresses in the USA. In this article, we will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of wearing this traditional dress.

Perfect Stitch and Fit:

The most important aspect is the perfect fit. A well-fitted Pakistani Dresses shalwar kameez can look as elegant and classy as any other modern style dress. However, if the suit is not tailored well, the style and impression of the dress could not be achieved. The person looks much more prominent and fat in case of loose-fitting. Whereas, you will not be comfortable wearing tight-fitting Shalwar Kameez while performing day to day routine work.

Elegant Neckline: 

It would be not wrong if we say that the neckline is one of the most critical parts of Pakistani shalwar kameez suit. You should choose a neckline that suits you the best and is according to your shoulders and body type. The design and embroidery on the neckline is an essential factor, and it makes a dress looks beautiful and stunning. The neckline size should be appropriate, because too wide, deep or shallow neckline may make you feel uncomfortable.

Bottom Style:

Choose the right style bottoms with the dress. The shalwar or trouser should follow your body type, plus the length of the kameez/shirt is also a vital factor in choosing the right trousers.

The tailoring styles changes according to fashion trends, we have seen baggy, or bell-bottom pants in the past. Nowadays, pencil-type or straight pants have preferred by ladies; but, we suggest that irrespective of what is trending, use the pants that suit you the best.

Heavy Jewelry:

Heavy jewelry and heavy makeup are a big no-no if you are wearing a regular shalwar kameez dress. You should avoid doing this if you are going for a casual outing or hanging out with friends. In our point of view, overwhelming cosmetics or jewelry would influence your elegant looking dress look not so high on you.


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